• webwolf50 posted an update in the group RECCES Evolved 5 months ago

    @admin -Hello Sir, newly joined, just another civie that likes gaming, found this when browsing – joined. Just checking on the procedure – not sure how to opt in, hoping to play soon. Please let me know if I need to fill in the Opt In In detail as it says only to be completed by the Commanding Officer , which I’m not – Best Regards, Webwolf50

    • Hi webwolf50.
      You are a little early though. 🙂 We are still busy finalizing the Heritage Foundation website, and then we will launch.

      In the meantime, the whole procedure is explained on the Getting Started section.
      Just scroll up to below the header image. There are 3 tabs namely: GETTING STARTED │ RECCE GAMING ZONE │ SUPPORT TOOLS
      You are currently on the RECCE GAMING ZONE tab.
      Click on GETTING STARTED. Everything is explained step by step with links to the necessary resources. To get some additional info, click on SUPPORT TOOLS.

      The Opt in function is for any clans that wish to participate. Those clans’ Commanding Officers or any person representing the clan can Opt In. If you are not part of a clan, but wish to become part of a clan, we can recommend some great clans that will be participating in the series. Just let us know in which country you are situated and we will give you some suggestions.

      We hope that helps. Feel free to ask us if you need help with anything.