The SOUTH AFRICAN SPECIAL FORCES ASSOCIATION is a member’s organization for soldiers that serves or has served permanently in one of the South African Special Forces Units. This service can be as an Operator or as Support Staff. The South African Special Forces Association is a registered Non-Profit Organization. As a voluntary association, we comply with all the rules, principles and requirements of a voluntary association of persons as prescribed by the Constitution of the R.S.A.


Around the globe the Military uses the same recipe to Select their very best. You create extreme conditions and see if the individual’s mind is strong enough to function with clarity. You take only volunteers – he must want it.

Statistically less than 5% of students make the initial cycle with most falling off in the selection period. The R.S.A. SF is now just over 45 years old. By 1988 less than 480 people had qualified. This is just over 30 a year.

By 2014 – 42 years after it started it had produced just over 1 000 qualified operators of which 200 had died. That is just over 22 soldiers a year.

You are invited – Come test yourself.

1966 to 1989
The South African Bush War is a term used in parallel with the term Border War. Using the term Bush War more readily associates with the operations that were planned directly against Angola/FAPLA as part of the anti-communist efforts and thus also in support of Unita.

Due to the secretiveness of the work the data on the operations are limited. It is estimated that just over 300 different operations were performed with single operations sometimes meant being deployed for as long as 4 months.